new-about-image1-1(Pictured at right: Dr. Opincar, ethical intelligence author and pioneer, presenting the Student of the Year Award to one of his 2014 MBA graduates. Jeri is a student whose undergraduate degree was in Journalism, which is not known for its stellar preparation for business pursuits. Jeri’s performance was anything but ordinary, however. The result of our mutually-shared experience is an example of never discounting anyone, regardless of any preconceived notions we might have about their background, preparation, or potential. It’s also an example of possibilities—possibilities for change, possibilities for meaningful personal and professional life transformations, and possibilities that are not clearly obvious until someone decides to look within and tap what’s heretofore been unseen. Jeri is now a well-recognized, respected, and senior marketing executive for a national organization. It was an honor and privilege sharing a small portion of her life’s journey.)

Wisdom counsels that we should let others speak about us. As I thought about this website and what it should convey about my corporate coaching and strategic planning services, I asked a small number of people who know me well this question— “What is the one thing—the most important—my website should convey about me?”

Here is what people are saying:

“What I want people to know about you is the depth of caring and spiritual commitment you bring to this ethical intelligence project. This is not just an intellectual exercise for you. You’ve devoted years of your life to your research, your doctorate, and now your books. And you can certainly say that every bit of experience you’ve ever had contributes in some way to the wisdom and guidance people will gain from you. You care deeply about helping others do better in this world—about transforming the world with your message.” A professional colleague

“You have spent a career in preparation for this. You have the fortitude, servitude, and attitude to change lives forever. You are a spiritual transformer who leads a life of purpose and moving towards prosperity in all aspects of live. Stress your academic acumen:  The street cred of being a teacher, a leader and an example of what perseverance and dedication—and laser-focus vision—can do for a person at any stage of his or her life.” A professional colleague

“For me, it is the breadth of your experience in multiple industries, multiple countries and cultures, and your relationships with corporate and academic leaders.” A fellow CEO and teacher

“You believe in people even when they don’t believe in their own abilities. You lift people up and are their chief encourager. I know you as respectful and grateful to people who can’t offer anything in return except friendship. You’re generous to strangers, passionate about life, and you’re unstoppable, even when in physical pain. You can make even the most boring subjects interesting.”My best friend of 35 years.

I am grateful to have led a blessed and successful professional life as a business practitioner and teacher. My life is now about making a difference by leading a life of intention and significance. You can learn more about my story using the links below.

But, this website is dedicated to helping you! My life’s mission is helping you recapture your birthright and lost legacy—your ethical intelligence. Look around the site.

Let me know how I can help you and your organization.