• Avoid the situations depicted in the photographs?
  • Become the solution and really change the world?
  • Increase your bottom line and return to stakeholders?
  • Reduce risk within your organization?
  • Live your relationships in green fields?
  • Increase your total income?
  • Preserve your brand and reputation?
  • Safely use cultural fire?
  • Become an ethically intelligent leader?
  • Have a Heart-Mind Map of your organization?
  • Become an ethically intelligent person?
  • Create an ethically intelligent organization?
  • Reach outside your organization not fearing FCPA?
  • Triumph over the Royal Family of Five Fears?
  • Create a right-thinking, right-acting culture?
  • Become adept at handling conflicts and finding resolutions?
  • Up your governance game?
  • Predict potential unethical behavior?
  • Live a larger life?
  • Show others how to live a larger life?

As an experienced executive leadership consultant, I can show you how to do these things!


Here is a real-world story, taken from newest book, that shows the devastation caused by flawed ethical judgments. Read it and tell me if it resonates with you or your experiences. I can show you how to prevent what happened to Jim.

Ask me about Heart-Mind Mapping.

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