I am committed to supporting and funding continuing research into all aspects of human ethical intelligence. Although comprehensive, my research has only scratched the surface of the mysteries of ethical intelligence, especially where organizational network analysis and conflict resolution methods are concerned. I invite all who are interested in picking up the baton to join our team and add to our knowledge about this critical subject. Some possible areas of continuing interest include the psychological/neuro structures:

  • Heart Refuge
  • Ethical Fence
  • Comfort Zone
  • Slippery Slope
  • Internal Compass
  • Adjudicator
  • Worldview Window
  • Limbic System Connections

Our ethical intelligence research methodologies are phenomenological, especially Moustakas’ modified Stevick-Colaizzi-Keen Method of Analysis of Phenomenological Data. This is my preferred method and production of corroborating research studies would be especially valuable. We are open to all research proposals as long as they are directly related to human ethical intelligence.

All research activities will be conducted within the auspices of the Ethical Intelligence Research Center.  Please add your name and contact information to our list of potential researchers so that we can keep you updated on our progress. My original research is available here. My current books are available here.