Many years ago, when I first heard John Maxwell say that encouragement is oxygen for the soul I was still an old-school CEO—Chief Executive Officer, I thought, Great! Now, I’m not only responsible for the bottom line but I have to also worry about everyone’s soul! The hard-charging and materialistic take-no-prisoners leader I was then immediately dismissed the idea as simply more new age psychobabble and thought, “I’ll let the clerics handle the soul and spiritual matters, and I’ll tend to the material here and now and make sure we hit this quarter’s earnings numbers!” I figured as long as the pay and bonus checks were large enough, my team would charge any hill with me. Then, one day, I looked back. I was wrong. Maxwell was and still is right.
Sure, paying people competitively is important. But, it’s only the beginning. Twenty-first century leaders invest time and energy in people. We must see in others that which even they don’t yet see in themselves, calling out the potential as if it’s already present. There is no higher calling in this life than lifting someone from where they are to where their greatest potential lies through patient encouragement, detecting light where others see only darkness, and freeing others to follow their dreams. That’s why I’m so proud to offer an executive and faculty development program that concentrates on leadership skills, conflict resolution methods, and ultimately, ethical intelligence in every aspect of your professional life. Whether you run the place or not, be the CEO—chief encouragement officer. I promise. You’ll like the results! I can show you how.