AccomplishmentsCroppedIdentifying a select number of accomplishments from a five-decade career is a daunting assignment. When I completed my MBA, my top professional goals were to become a CPA and a CFO of a New York Stock Exchange company. I was blessed to have achieved both before the age of 30. I subsequently became CEO, director, and consultant to boards of directors. Those were all notable accomplishments, and I’ve included some in the following list. But the most important have involved helping others become who they desire to become, which is now my life’s mission.

  • As a Father, Mentor, and Coach for my young sons during nine seasons of little league baseball and soccer. We never won any championships, but we learned a lot (for dad it was patience and humility). And had a great time. One of those teams is pictured at the top of this page. I was blessed to have both of my sons on this team, one as a player and one as a team helper.
  • As a Researcher, Executive, and Author rediscovered humanity’s ancient birthright and legacy — ethical intelligence, applied it to modern life, started an ethical intelligence research institute, and published the books available on this website.
  • As a Teacher instructed, mentored, encouraged, and lifted over 3,000 graduate and undergraduate adult learners to better lives in a wide variety of communities as leaders, executives, parents, and people of excellence.
  • As a Teacher, Mentor, and Coach helped a student named Clara (not her real name) overcome the labels others had placed on her helping her become the person she envisioned. Her story, excerpted from my newest book, is here.
  • As Chief Executive Officer provided the leadership and management expertise for two high-technology start-up companies, which enabled them to attract high-caliber management teams and successfully raise capital from angel investors and venture capital organizations.
  • As Chief Executive Officer for a startup venture, initiated, developed, registered, and conducted the first federally registered (Form SB2) Initial Public Offering marketed and sold exclusively over the Internet.
  • As a Teacher, Mentor, and Coach reached out to Tasha (not her real name) at a very hard time in her life. Just a touch of caring helped Tasha turn her life around. Her story, excerpted from my newest book, is here.
  • As Managing Director successfully guided a multi-national computer software R&D project, which successfully sought to apply the principles of genetics and genetic engineering to the creation of computer software.
  • As Senior Big 4 Consultant, conceived, developed, and implemented a successful state government business development initiative that eventually resulted in the acquisition of numerous multi-million dollar projects and the subsequent opening of a new office for the firm.
  • As Chief Financial Officer of an NYSE energy company, established the corporate finance department, developed and implemented a comprehensive reporting system for all operating companies, developed and completed a successful equity registration and implemented a centralized cash management and borrowing system through a worldwide network of banks.

Fill your ethically intelligent life with the accomplishments that are important to you. I can help.