Fresh off his Indiana farm, here is the future Dr. Opincar’s Western High School graduation photo. Despite vigorous family objections and his high school counselors telling him, “he was not college material and the best he could hope for would be a street sweeping job”, Dr. Opincar was bound for the big city of Detroit, Michigan and the University of Detroit Mercy, majoring in mechanical engineering. Granted, the future Dr. Opincar’s lack of seriousness in high school and his C- graduation average, may have justified his counselor’s concern for a higher education disaster. But, no one should ever be dismissed!

Everyone has untapped and, often unrecognized, potential for excellence and greatness, in some area of human endeavor. Leaders are responsible for identifying and speaking that potential to those they lead. Yes! High school counselors and teachers are leaders. Here’s one of many examples of wrongly dismissing someone. Basketball legend Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team. His former coach said Jordan didn’t have the talent to play the game! All the world now knows how wrong that coach was! We also now know how wrong those high school counselors were!

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