My professional time is invested in three main activities, ethical intelligence writing and research, teaching, and leadership consulting. All of my consulting services are outlined below. My passion is teaching you how to create an ethically-intelligent life and organization through leadership development. This passion underlies all of the consulting projects I accept. My life’s mission is making the world better through ethically-intelligent leadership. Let me know how I can help.


Heart-Mind Mapping

Heart-Mind Mapping is at the core of assessing the ethical intelligence of an organization’s culture. It’s a tool aimed at predicting and preventing potentially unwanted ethical judgments. It helps us create an ethically intelligent culture, reducing an organization’s risk profile.



Coaching is a mostly misunderstood interpersonal dynamic. Coaching is about asking questions and listening to you. Only you can change you and set you up to achieve leadership development goals. I can’t tell you how to become the best you. I lead you along the path to your own discovery. I coach, and I teach you how to coach.



Organizational culture is a fire that either energizes an organization for excellence or burns the organization to ashes. I help boards and C-Suite teams foster R2 Cultures. Ethically intelligent organizations fuel a culture of right thinking and right acting.



Twenty-first century leaders are gardeners. We sow leadership seeds, water, and nurture those seeds into new ethically intelligent leaders. We set ambitious leadership development goals. Leaders create visions and missions that inspire and energize others. I can teach you and your team how to do these things through my executive leadership development program.



Mentoring is the art of helping you find your path. Mentoring is wisdom-based, and age is irrelevant. I’ve had mentors both younger and older than me. Anyone can be a mentor. I mentor as a part of my leadership consultant services, and can show you how too.



A word is a creative force and is much like a seed. Being a gardener, I enjoy sowing seeds and watching the results blossom. My professional speaking passions are leadership development and ethical intelligence.

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