Dr. Opincar presenting the 2014 Faculty of the Year Award during the 2014 commencement ceremony. Dr. Opincar mentored and coached this faculty member even though many of his colleagues advised that he was wasting his time. Dr. Opincar sees leadership potential before others, even the mentee, and never gives up on anyone.

“Why are you doing this? You’ve had a long and successful professional career and life. Why do this now?” People ask me this question frequently. My flippant answer is that everyone I know of my age who has retired didn’t live long during that retirement. The real answer is more complicated and the reason I’ve included this page on this website. The following excerpt from my newest book. is as succinct an answer I can readily supply.

“For centuries we have been on a slow but accelerating descent into ethical fog. We now live in a worldwide society full of fear, distrust, and suspicions, all sustained by a building tsunami of self-centered and harmful ethical judgments at all levels and within all areas of human endeavor. Managers and leaders in business, government, medicine, philanthropy, science, and even spiritual and religious organizations are no longer believed or trusted.”

Today’s Leaders Are Bereft Of Ethical Intelligence

We have a worldwide leadership crisis. Yet, we have no shortage of leadership consultants and “gurus” teaching managers and leaders how to lead. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not denigrating people who teach leadership. I’m one of them. But, there’s been something missing from the leadership discussion. That something is now what my life is all about — teaching you how to rediscover and reclaim your birthright as a human: your ethical intelligence. A world populated with ethically intelligent humans is the solution. Ethical intelligence is the foundation of leadership.

Be The Ethically Intelligent Leader You Were Meant To Be

We’re not going to fix this problem through political or social activism. Again, I’m not opposed to either one of those activities. I am politically and socially active myself. But, waiting for other people to change or expecting governments or society to force change, is not the solution. I can’t change you. And you can’t change me. Only you can change you. And, only I can change me. We’re going to solve this problem one person and one organization at a time. Come join us in this journey through our faculty development offerings. Become the solution. Decide to change today.