(Pictured at right: Author and executive consultant Dr. Opincar speaking to the Public Relations Society of America at Drake University in 2015. His topic was the power of storytelling in communications. This gathering consisted of public relations professionals tasked with reporting complex accounting and financial information. Given his accounting, financial, and communications background, Dr. Opincar was asked to provide insights into communicating boring and mind-numbing-number-intensive content to non-financial readers.

His first suggestion was to add value to the reader—say something important to the reader. Secondly, he observed that every set of numbers contains a story. Dr. Opincar’s counsel to the participants was to find that story and weave it into a meaningful and compelling tale that resonates with the reader. Paint a picture of the numbers with words.)

Wisdom counsels us that a word fitly spoken is like apples of gold set in fine silver, like an earring of gold and an ornament of fine gold. Words have strong creative power. They lift. They teach. They inspire. They encourage. I teach these truths to anyone who is dedicated to developing leadership skills. I want you to learn the hidden power of words. The way you speak, especially about yourself, profoundly affects your life. Let me show you how to harness that power.

I’m available for speaking engagements as part of my executive development program. As you might imagine, my favorite speaking topic is ethical intelligence and developing leadership skills. That being said, I’m open to speaking on any subject that adds value to individual audience members and the organization to which they belong. My life’s mission is making the world better through ethically intelligent leadership. Let me help you.

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