People often ask me the difference between my mentoring services and my corporate and life coaching. Mentoring is more of a lasting relationship that involves less frequent interaction between the mentor and mentee. Some mentoring relationships last for years, as the mentee observes and learns from the mentor.

Life, corporate and executive business coaching is a here-and-now-hands-on activity. Although many people I’ve coached have become long-term friends and colleagues, the coaching relationship is more intense, focused, and shorter.

John Maxwell—someone who’s been my mentor for many years—says great leaders ask great questions. I would extend that thinking to corporate coaching—great coaches ask great questions.

My corporate coaching style is less that of a sage on a stage and more of a guide by your side. I don’t accept a large number of coaching assignments, and I prefer corporate coaching that is aimed at helping you become an ethically intelligent manager or leader. I am open to group and individual sessions.

We can work out a program that’s right for both of us.