We’ve planted the seeds for a new millennium of ethical intelligence thought, research, and education. But, it’s just the beginning. The Ethical Intelligence Research Center (EIRC, or the Center), a nonprofit research and educational institute headquartered in Houston, Texas, is rising from the work already completed and becoming the repository for future ethical intelligence research and education activities. Dedicated to developing leadership skills through adult learning activities, the Center will provide a place for scholars, practitioners, and learners to come and be among like-minded seekers on the path to an ethically intelligent life.

We are projecting an operational EIRC in spring 2018, at which time we will be issuing calls for papers and entertaining ethical intelligence research grant applications. Join our e-mail list so that you can receive updates on our progress.


Researching, restoring, and teaching human ethical intelligence, lifting leadership to its highest and best potential


A world in which  human ethical intelligence is the foundation of leadership

Our Inaugural Event

First Annual Conference on Human Ethical Intelligence
October 19, and 20, 2018
Houston, Texas