gift-box-with-textWe are all judges. Recognizing and resolving ethical dilemmas is something we do all day, every day. And at the heart of that work is ethical judging. Knowing how to do it right is the path to both inner and outer peace. This knowledge and capability is already built within you. It’s your birthrightit’s your human ethical intelligence.

It’s a gift inherited at birth. It’s your gift simply because you are human. No one can steal it. No one can usurp it. Even you can’t discard it. You can, however, ignore its presence, something many of us have done for centuries. This innocent ignorance has cost us dearly, and the current state of the world testifies to the aftermath. So what exactly is it? You’ll be glad you asked!

Ethical intelligence is the intellectual capacity and framework for judging matters of equity in relationships. It has four separate but integrated elements consisting of (1) relationships, (2) equity, (3) ethical judging and (4) intellectual capacity and framework. This last element contains seven psychological, neurological, mystical or spiritual structures, as follows: Worldview Window, Heart Refuge, Limbic System, Internal Compass, Ethical Fence, Slippery Slope and Adjudicator.

This elegant creation lives in your consciousness, and it’s the solution so many are seeking!