Organizational governance can be refined into four words—tone at the top. Yes, I know it’s a bit more complicated than that in our “legalistic compliance” oriented climate. But, it’s still tone at the top. The boards and management teams at the top of our organizational networks set the standards of behavior. How you conduct yourself is going to permeate the organization’s culture like Adam Smith’s “invisible hand.”

One of the most consistent findings from my organizational development research is that organizations are controlled through culture. I believe the answer to effective governance is creating an ethically intelligent culture or an R2 Culture—which is a right-thinking-right-acting culture.

Organizational network analysis of an ethically intelligent R2 Culture includes an organizational Heart-Mind Map accompanied by individual Heart-Mind Maps for each board and C-Suite member, as a minimum. These maps give us a starting point for evaluating the current ethical intelligence of the organization and corporate strategic planning for required improvements. We also administer our eQuu survey to gain additional insights about all organizational members, or we could administer the eQuu survey to a statistically relevant sample. Good governance begins with an ethically intelligent culture.

Let’s discuss your organization’s specific requirements for development and change.