Flooded Downtown Houston Park During Hurricane Harvey

My family and I have lived in Texas for over 40 years, most of that time in the Houston metropolitan area. Although my personal home was completely surrounded by more than four feet of water, it never entered my home. The rest of my neighbors weren’t so fortunate. Many were rescued by boats, National Guard vehicles, and Coast Guard helicopters. And, they suffered great personal losses, mostly uninsured. This book is my first-hand account of someone who lived through it, and my gift to the greater Houston community. 

My dual vision for this book, the writing of which is currently well underway, is to celebrate Houston’s response to this disaster and tell the stories of heroism, sacrifice, goodness, and decency that unfolded for all the world to see. Recently, I was at the George Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston talking to survivors, first responders, and volunteers. It was a soul-etching experience for me in many ways. But, the one takeaway from that visit is reflected in this quote from Lori, a mother of five, whose family barely escaped from their flooded townhouse with only the clothing they were wearing:

“The media is leaving. The cameras are leaving. This place is closing soon. People are going back to work. Please don’t forget us. My life has been erased, and we’re starting over. It’s going to take us years to recover.”

I promised this tearful mother that she would not be forgotten. This book is a written testament to not only Lori and the other survivors but also to our first responders, volunteer civilian rescuers and caregivers, and our local, state, and federal leadership.

All profits from this book are dedicated to helping our community recover from hurricane Harvey’s aftermath, especially survivors, like Lori, who are rebuilding their lives. 

We’re in this for the long-haul! The book will be available in late fall 2017.

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