1. The #MeToo Culture: Part 1

    Unless you’ve lived under a rock or on another planet for the last year or so, you understand the meaning and implications of the #MeToo hashtag, Or, you, at least, have seen the hashtag online or in some other medium. The hashtag is a symbol of a worldwide movement against sexual harassment and assault. Its initiation has been attributed to actress Alyssa Milano. The im…Read More

  2. Culturally-Based Interview Questions

    Recently, a new potential client asked if I could develop some "good" interview hiring questions. I asked her if she could define what she meant by "good" question. Her response was, "I need questions that'll enable me to know whether I should hire a particular individual." Her answer led me to ask what information she needed to "know" so that she could make a hiring decis…Read More

  3. Help Houston Harvey Survivors

    Flooded Downtown Houston Park During Hurricane Harvey My family and I have lived in Texas for over 40 years, most of that time in the Houston metropolitan area. Although my personal home was completely surrounded by more than four feet of water, it never entered my home. The rest of my neighbors weren’t so fortunate. Many were rescued by boats, National Guard vehicles, a…Read More

  4. Share Your Houston Harvey Stories

    As all of us who lived through it know, Houston has recently experienced flooding of epic proportions. But, through it all, we saw acts of heroism, kindness, self-sacrifice, courage, love, goodness, and grace. We showed the world that we are not as divided as some would have us think. I am writing a book celebrating Houston’s response to hurricane Harvey. You can read ab…Read More

  5. Whose Fault Is It?

    Recently, I've been doing radio interviews discussing employee engagement. This topic was sparked by a recent Gallup survey that revealed only 33% of employees in the private sector are engaged in their work. It's even worse for the public sector, where Gallup found the same metric at 29%. Whose fault, is it? Who’s responsible for this dismal result? This is not a new pr…Read More

  6. Is President Trump Zeus?

    Watching the media these days might lead one to believe some alien force has stormed our nation’s capital and reduced it to rubble! We hear there’s chaos and confusion in the White House. The Supreme Court is on the verge of collapse. Our Senators and Representatives are yelling profanities at one another. People are being fired. Lawsuits are flying everywhere! Politic…Read More

  7. Rules-Based Culture: The Death of Reason

    Recently, an incident involving United Airlines and a passenger sparked a raging inferno of controversial on social media and most news outlets. The controversy involved the forcible removal of the passenger from the plane during which the passenger sustained significant injuries including two lost teeth. Although there is now evidence the passenger may have brought the fo…Read More

  8. Getting to NO is Easy!

    Over the last several days, we watched the failure of the United States’ House of Representatives searching for an alternative to the Affordable Care Act. After countless hours of meetings, debate, horsetrading, and political pressure, the answer was no. Regardless, of your thoughts about the merits of the proposal, it was painful to watch. The spectacle caused me to ref…Read More

  9. Knowing Is Not Believing

    If you’re a manager or leader, would you rather have your team members follow you because they know your organization’s vision and mission or because they believe in what the organization is doing? I thought so! So, what’s the difference? Why should we care? You can transform information into knowledge upon which you may or may not take action. But belief lives in a …Read More

  10. Ethics From The Heart

    Bill Wells laid on the gurney watching the burning SUV. The acrid smoke, stench of charred hair, and his grievously burned face and seared hands reminded him of his close brush with death. Moments earlier, Bill happened upon a serious accident involving an SUV and a large truck. Smoke was pouring from under the hood of the SUV, and the gas tank was drenching the freeway wi…Read More